Hi, I am Bageshree.

Welcome to my little space, the ‘Healthy Foodist’.

My journey of experimenting in the kitchen started as a hobby, almost a decade ago and it hasn’t stopped ever since.

My unsatiable love for cooking and food, combined with practising healthy eating always inspired me into making nutritious, tasty recipes.

This passion got me here to share with you, healthy but flavourful recipes. These are the recipes that I love to make and eat in my real, everyday life.

Having said that, I do give up on my random food cravings sometimes. I believe there’s room for both, if you’re striking the right balance. Moderation is the key!

Apart from this, I work in a full time corporate job as a Chartered Accountant. I also have a home bakery business of my own, in the name of BAKE HAVEN, as a side hustle.

Also to know more and to stay in touch, follow me on Instagram where I share a lot of other cooking endeavour and my personal blog.

Much love to you all & Happy ‘Healthy’ Eating!


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